Black Protective Case

Black Protective Case

Protecteur Noir 001

E.V. owners! You have a charging station (EVSE) for your electric vehicle (EV) and you want to pro..


Courtesy Notice

Courtesy Notice

Avis De Courtoisie 008

Have you ever arrived at a charging station with a car plug in  without the owner?               ..


DUO Protector And Courtesy Notice

DUO Protector And Courtesy Notice

DUO 009

Save* with our DUO offer which includes a black protector and a black courtesy notice. This produ..


Personalized Protector

Personalized Protector

Personnalisation Thermocollé 004

Personalized protective case with your company logo, the brand of your electric car or your name ...


Do you know Evplug ?

You are at the right place to discover our accessories for charging stations. Give yourself protection from the elements and be ready for winter time.

Evplug is located in the small town of Chesterville in Centre du Quebec where we manufacture accessories for charging stations. It all started with our electric vehicle when one night, at home, the charging connector was frozen and unable to connect to the vehicle. The idea of ​​a protector immediately came to the mind of Vicky who started the sketches. A few days later we had our protector, but to keep this idea for us was unthinkable.

All this, leads us today to offer accessories made in Canada and designed for our climate on our online store.

My wife Vicky and I, Marco work hard to make your shopping a most pleasant experience.

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